About The Company

DE LA ROQUE PARIS LUXURY is a french company, founded by Maria De La Roque in 2019 in Paris, France.
Maria De La Roque is a Founder, Designer / Milliner and Creative Director of the company.
The company focus on luxury fashion brand and lifestyle with its creative approach to elegant, classic design, with rococo style influence, a symbol of luxury french style. The company launched its first Hat collections in October 2019. All De La Roque Paris Luxury Hat Collections are handmade, developed and made in Paris with the best and finest quality materials. 
De La Roque Paris Luxury distributes its product worldwide, accessible online with the official website address : www.delaroqueparis-luxury.com 
The company DE LA ROQUE PARIS LUXURY, with its head office in Paris 16th Arrondissement ; it is a company that has been set up according to French law, Immatriculation by the Chambre de Metiers et de l'Artisanat of Paris, with the number of SIREN / SIRET : 845 052 331 / 845 052 331 00012.

About The Founder


What is your educational background and What determined your passion for fashion ?

I completed my Master Degree and currently pursuing my Doctoral / PhD degree both from Université Paris-Sorbonne IV (Paris, France), in Business History with specialisation in Luxury Industry. 

Why you choose Luxury Industry ?

For me Luxury industry is a very dynamic industry. When you talk about french luxury industry, you also talk about heritage, culture, history, knowledge, skills, innovation and high quality. That's a fundamental difference between french luxury and others. 

I studied 13 sectors of luxury industry in France, including Haute couture / mode, winery (champagne, wine, cognac), leather (bags, shoes), watches, jewellery, crystal, porcelaine, perfume, cosmétique, décoration, furniture, gastronomy. I studied not only the product and their history, but also the market, their business strategy, and their economic contribution. But the thing is, I learned a lot about my customers, what they expect from luxury products, their taste, their lifestyle etc. And when my clients appreciate my creative ideas and meet their needs, its an achievement.

What is your fashion style ?

Classic, Elegant and simple. 

Tell us more about your Hats collection ?

Hat-making is a highly skilled profession. I'm really enjoy doing it. I always impressed with the final result. And a beautiful hat makes a woman very elegant. Our hat collections inspired from the history and the beauty of Versailles. Our collections are handmade in Paris with the finest quality. It's very beautiful collection with many types of hat. Saucer, Pillbox, Trilby, Derby, Halo hat and many more !

It's not only for special occasion, but you can wear it everyday. Even for having coffee or lunch in a trendy Paris restaurant. 

How about custom design ?, and ready to wear collection ?

I do the custom design as well, but not copy someone else's design.

Ready to wear in the future, yes, it's very interesting. I like making design with the look and style of bourgeoise. 

What are your other activities besides designing ?

I love being active in academic activities also, getting involve in seminars, congress that related with my Doctoral studies in Luxury Industry. Sharing my knowledge and meeting with academicians around the world. 

Actually, my fashion project is not only related with my academic subject, which is I also talk about fashion business, entrepreneurship, but more than that, through my collections and my academic activities, I want to do something for women. 

I support education and entrepreneurship for women. It's a way for women to be independent and free from the poverty. To celebrate freedom. Women around the world can choose their future, be what they want to be and pursue their dreams. 


What is your art style ?

Rococo, introduced in XVIIIth century in Paris. This XVIIIth century artistic style affecting many aspects of the arts, including fashion, painting, sculpture, architecture, interior design, decoration, literature, music, and theatre. I love interior design as well, and if you want to know what will be my favorite style in interior design, that will be the style of Castle of Versaille !

What inspires you ?

People, History


Are you a collector of anything and if so, where do you find your items?

I collect many things. Fur jacket and cape, Hats, Books, Home accessories, Furniture, decorative arts. I buy everywhere.


What places do you find inspiring at the moment ?

I think certain people are attracted to certain cities because of their personalities, and I think Paris is a very inspiring city. Many cultural events, museums, exhibitions, fashion shows, luxury goods, great food, and you can read all the books in the world... there’s so much diversity here. You’re living in a city where it’s full of history, fashion, culture, art and creative business. 

What do you read ?

Anything. Entrepreneurship, Economy, Art book, Fashion book, Interior design, Travel book, Biography, History, Magazine.

Share something about you and your ideas.

I love exploring beautiful places and understand other cultures and people. It taught me that it is helpful to research and understand people especially if they are from a different culture so you can work with and respect them in the most productive manner.

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